Konsep Kurikulum Pendidikan Islam Holistik Telaah Pemikiran Ikhwan As-Shafa

  • Benny Kurniawan IAINU Kebumen
Keywords: Curriculum, Islamic education, Ikhwan as-shafa


Looking at the Islamic world, where Islam was empowered in its role as a bridge between Greek civilization and Europe in the Middle Ages, the principles of holistic education as described above were actually initiated much earlier by Islamic thinkers, namely the Ikhwan as-Shafa in the 10th century AD. The Ikhwan as-Shafa is a secret and mysterious organization consisting of Muslim Arab philosophers based in Basrah, Iraq at that time was the capital of the Abassiyah caliphate around the 10th century AD (373H/983). The group that was born in Basra is famous for its treatises, which contain their spiritual doctrines and philosophical systems. Through Rasail Ikhwan as-Shafa's magnum opus, information can be obtained about the traces of their teachings, both regarding science, philosophy and religion.

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Kurniawan, B. (2020). Konsep Kurikulum Pendidikan Islam Holistik Telaah Pemikiran Ikhwan As-Shafa. An-Nidzam : Jurnal Manajemen Pendidikan Dan Studi Islam, 7(2), 1-15. https://doi.org/10.33507/an-nidzam.v7i2.325