Author Guideline

Articles sent to our editor will be considered for publication if they meet the following criteria:

  1. It is scientific in nature and focuses on studying related issues in the study of Islamic Education Management and Social Studies. In addition, it must be original and based on research and literature review that is useful for the development of Islamic and Social Education Management studies.
  2. Articles must be original, research-based, unpublished and not currently under review for possible publication in another journal.
  3. Articles must be written in Indonesian or English.
  4. Consists of title, author's name, institution, email address, abstract, keywords, content and references.
  5. The title must be clear and precise.
  6. Authors do not need to include academic degrees..
  7. Manuscript typed in MS document format with Time New Roman, size 12 pts, A4 paper, with 1.5 spacing, Article minimum 6 pages and maximum 30 pages (authors must use a journal template)
  8. All submissions must include an abstract of up to 200 words and 3-5 keywords. Abstracts of scientific work must contain the title, objectives, methods and research findings.
  9. The manuscript is typed in Microsoft Word with RTF (Rich Text Format) or Doc. (Word Document with seve 2007-2003 ) and sent to the editor with submit facilities on this websitei
  10. Bibliographical references must be included in footnotes and a list of the latest 10 years of literature. It is better to use sources from the latest journals 40% -80% here.
  11. Transliteration articles must be based on transliteration rules.
  12. All article manuscripts will be reviewed by academics who are qualified in their field; it is a process that may take weeks or months.
  13. Rejected papers will be notified to authors via OJS, email or no notification.

Example Bibliography:

 Masdar Hilmy, “The Politics of Retaliation: the Backlash of Radical Islamists to the Deradicalization Project in Indonesia”, Al-Jamiah: Jurnal of Islamic Studies, Vol. 51, No. 1 (2013), h. 129. (footnote versi artikel jurnal online)

Sarjuni, “Anarkisme Epistemologis Paul Karl Feyerabend”, dalam Listiyono Santoso dkk, Epistemologi Kiri, (Yogyakarta: ar-Ruzz, 2003), h. 155. (footnote untuk buku bunga rampai)

Muhamamd Irfan Helmy, “Pemaknaan Hadis-hadis Mukhtalif Menurut asy-Syafi’i: Tinjauan Sosiologi Pengetahuan” (Disertasi—Pascasarjana UIN Sunan Kalijaga, 2014), h. 245. (footnote untuk skripsi/tesis/disertasi)

You can download the Journal Template here : [UNDUH]