• hendra rizki rangkuti institut pesantren kh. abdul chalim mojokerto


Globalization in addition to carrying positive impacts also carries a negative impact. Many of the parents complained about the unrulable behavior of his teenage children. Similarly, daily teachers have to deal with the behavior of very complex adolescent students. Once the students still uphold the values of honesty, now the values are shifted by instant values, among others no need to learn hard to get good grades, because by cheating on good grades it will be achievable and up class. " Social demands and the desire to maintain self-esteem in the eyes of peers have encouraged cheating activities to be a regular and mandatory thing to do. Fast paced value has replaced the value of honesty ". Not only cheating, but other deviant behaviors such as smoking in school, liquor and drugs, engaging in brawl, as well as other behaviors that threaten the destruction of the fundamental development of value, are a matter or problem that haunts young people. A great responsibility to help the youth face the above problems is generally left to the school. The school is expected to be a community change laboratory or place of mental revolution. The school bears the duties and responsibilities of continuing the basic education given in the family. Because of the importance of this responsibility, the school needs to have a good planning, implementation, and evaluation related to character education.

This research aims to describe and analyse (1) Character Education Planning (2) Character education Implementation and (3) Character Education evaluation applied in Amanatul International Madrasah Ummah Pacet Mojokerto.

This study used a qualitative approach with this type of case study research. The data sources specified are MBI coordinator and co-ordinator representatives. Data collection using interview techniques, documentation, and observations. Data analysis consists of data reduction, data interpretation, data presentation, and withdrawal of conclusions. Validity of data using triangulation, and discussion between friends.

The results of the research in MBI Amanatul Ummah Pacet Mojokerto is 1) Character education planning is a) Grand idea covering the vision, Mission, foundation of establishment, commitment of Madrasah, 7 keys to the success of students and the purpose of future students, B) Pre working meeting, c) work meeting. 2) Implementation of character education is a) coaching new learners B) Program Coaching and Development talents C) Program coaching organization students D) program Coaching E) The annual agenda of the Madrasah F) Implementation of the curriculum program Muis g) program Implementation Kepesantrenan 3) Evaluation of character education consists of a) evaluation takes place on the spot or directly on the scene B) direct evaluation by teachers in Class C) weekly evaluation conducted by functionaries and homeroom. d) monthly evaluation e) annual evaluation F) evaluation based on input, criticism, and advice from both students, students and the local community.



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