Pembatasan Kegiatan Keagamaan Di Masjid dan Pembukaan Pasar di Era Pandemi Perspektif Mashlahat Mursalah

  • Nuraini Habibah IAINU Kebumen
  • Afrida Zulfiyani Institut Agama Islam Nahdlatul Ulama Kebumen
Keywords: Pandemi, Covid19, Masjid, Pasar.


The period of the Covid 19 pandemic in Indonesia at the end of December 2019 was the beginning of very fast social change in all areas of life. One of them is that religious activities such as congregational worship activities have caused mass gatherings to become a problem during the Covid19 pandemic. The issue of mosques being closed but markets still operating has drawn various reactions from the community. Some people consider this as a form of prevention and anticipation of the spread of the corona virus or Covid-19 which is currently endemic and argue that shopping centers such as malls, markets and so on actually become clusters of the spread of covid 19. As for the people who think that the problem is hifdz al-din ( maintaining religion) is more important than hifdz al-nafs (maintaining the soul or lives). Then if it is associated with mashlahat mursalah, the market is mashlahat dharuriyah (primary needs) because it involves livelihoods and a place for buying and selling necessities of life, while congregational prayers at the mosque are mashlahat hajiyah (secondary needs) because prayers can be done at home. However, there will be a lot of opinions when it comes to religion and also the government as we as citizens of Indonesia should follow general policies that are implemented on the basis of the common good. Therefore, the purpose of this journal is to explain issues related to restrictions on Muslim religious activities in mosques and the opening of buying and selling activities in markets during the pandemic era from the perspective of maslahat mursalah.  
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Habibah, N., & Zulfiyani, A. (2022). Pembatasan Kegiatan Keagamaan Di Masjid dan Pembukaan Pasar di Era Pandemi Perspektif Mashlahat Mursalah. AS-Syar’e. Jurnal Syari’ah Dan Hukum, 1(1), 67-83.