Analisis Akad dalam Layanan Linkaja Syariah

  • Jamin . IAINU Kebumen
Keywords: ekonomi syariah, layanan LinkAja Syariah, akad Qard


The LinkAja Syariah service is based on an electronic money service application designed to facilitate user transactions. LinkAja Syariah services prioritize three main categories of sharia service products, namely ZISWAF, a mosque-based economy empowering and digitizing Islamic boarding schools, micro, small and medium enterprises. This study aims to find out the practice of using LinkAja Syariah services from an Islamic perspective. The method used in this study is qualitative with data collection methods, namely library research, which is in order to strengthen the facts to compare differences and or similarities between theory and practice that the author is currently researching. The contracts used in transactions through LinkAja Syariah are qard contracts and multi contracts. A qard contract is a loan contract in which the customer entrusts his money to Finarya, which is the company that oversees LinkAja Syariah, in the form of a loan. Multi contracts are contracts that are used in transactions from users to LinkAja Syariah.  
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., J. (2022). Analisis Akad dalam Layanan Linkaja Syariah. AS-Syar’e. Jurnal Syari’ah Dan Hukum, 1(1), 30-50.