Partisipasi Masyarakat Berbasis Kearifan Lokal dalam Menumbuhkan Demokrasi di Kebumen

  • Arif Widodo IAINU Kebumen
Keywords: Participation, Democracy, Pilkada


The undemocratic 2020 regional elections in Kebumen with a single candidate gave birth to the  Community  of  Empty  Boxes  (Mas  Koko)  movement,  which  metamorphosed  into  the  Konco Coalition of Democracy Fighters (Koko Pede) in Kebumen Regency. The momentum that paved the way for the Kebumen people's struggle so that the next local election does not present a single candidate. The results of this study are the continuity of democracy guarding by Koko Pede, after the election of the single candidate Arif Sugiyanto-Ristawati Purwaningsih as regent and deputy regent  of  Kebumen. This  non-institutionalized movement  is  also  an  integral  part  of  community participation based on local wisdom in fostering democracy in Kebumen. The implementation of this movement is by cooperating with other elements of society, including students, to carry out moral movements through various activities, such as discussions, both offline and online on social media  (Medsos),  whose  recommendations  reject  a  single  candidate.  Apart  from  that,  he  is cooperating  with  figures  to  carry  out  motions  of  no  confidence  against  parties  that  carry  out undemocratic  political  practices.  This  includes  legislators  from  political  parties  who  have submitted  a  single  candidate  in  the  2020  Kebumen  local  elections.Furthermore,  preparing candidates through an independent route, if all political parties submit a single candidate again in the  next  regional  election. Even  if the  implementation  coincides  with  the  2024  general election and presidential election, Koko Pede will make an even bigger move to reject a single candidate



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